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Join a Bigfoot Axe Throwing League this season!


Join an Axe Throwing League

Join Bigfoot Axe Throwing's 2v2 or 1v1 axe throwing league for some friendly competition - no AXEperience needed!


About Our Leagues


  • 7-week regular season + 1 tournament week

  • One 2v2 or 1v1 match per week (up to 1.5 hours of gameplay each week)

  • Master the bullseye with lessons from our certified axe coaches

  • Get an exclusive BigFoot Axe Throwing league shirt

  • Tournament champions receive a league medal and a $240 gift card to BigFoot Axe Throwing

  • $85.00/person  ($15.00 late fee during the last week of registration)



    A.) Sportsmanship: BigFoot Axe Throwing is dedicated to provide a safe and fun sporting environment. All participants should keep this in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. Any behavior deemed unacceptable by the B&T staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. Each game will have at least 1 paid official. Abuse of officials, referees, opposing players and other BigFoot Axe Throwing staff will not be tolerated. BigFoot Axe Throwing will not tolerate fighting! Fighting will be an automatic ejection from any game and in most cases ejection from the league for the remainder of the season. Any behavior deemed unacceptable by BigFoot Axe Throwing staff may result in a game suspension and/or ejection from the league. Alcohol is not allowed on the throwing lanes and any participants with alcohol in undesignated areas will be required to leave.

        1.) If a player touches another player physically, inappropriately or with intent to harm, despite who may be “right or wrong”, they will be immediately ejected from the game.

                a.) On their second offense they will be removed from the season with no refund.

                b.) On a third offense they will be removed from the season with no refund and banned from the league.

        2.) Remember, this is for fun. No one is going to become a professional by playing in our leagues. Anyone exuding douchebaggery, rudeness or overwhelming ignorance will be ejected and possibly removed from the league as these actions eliminate fun for everyone else.


    A.) Field of Play

        1.) Throwing lanes at BigFoot Axe Throwing.

    B.) Equipment

        1.) BigFoot Axe Throwing will provide all equipment necessary for the league.

    C.) Teams/Substitutions

        1.) Each team consists of 2 players (Can be 2 male, 2 female or 1 male and 1 female).

        2.) Must have at least 1 player to play.

                a.) If you absolutely cannot find a sub, we will allow 1 player throw for both players during a game.

        3.) Must finish the game with the players that started the game.

    D.) Game Duration

        1.) The match will consist of 5 games.

    E.) The Start of Play

        1.) Team Captains will both throw 1 axe at the bullseye to determine which game is played first.

        2.) Player closest to a bullseye chooses which team throws first.

        3.) If both hit a bullseye, the other players of the team then throw to determine which game is played first.

    F.) Play

        1.) Players rotate throwing from each team.

                a.) Example Throwing Order:

                        i.) Team 1, Player 1 throws

                        ii.) Team 2, Player 1 throws

                        iii.) Team 1, Player 2 throws

                        iv.) Team 2, Player 2 throws

        2.) Throwing order must stay the same through the entire game.

        3.) Throwing order can change before each game, if desired.

    G.) Games

        1.) Games will consist of 10 throws per person. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

        2.) If the game is tied at the end of 10 throws, an 11th turn is taken.

    H.) Points


        1.) The black line awards points associated with the ring.

        2.) 6 points for the bullseye.

        3.) 4 points for the 2nd ring.

        4.) 3 points for the 3rd ring.

        5.) 2 points for the 4th ring.

        6.) 1 point for the 5th ring.

        7.) 10 points for the blue.

                a.) This is only valid during the 10th round of the game.

   I.) Technicalities

        1.) Touching the line: If the axe is in 2 rings simultaneously, then the player is awarded the points for the higher valued ring.

        2.) Stick and Stay Policy: The axe must remain in the target for the throw to receive points.

                a.) If the axe falls out before the axe is retrieved, the throw will be counted as 0 points.

        3.) Oddball Throws: On the rare occasion that the axe sticks to the target with the back of the blade, the shaft of the axe or any other part of the axe, the throw still counts and points are awarded accordingly.

   J.) Axe Throwing Technique

        1.) All players will be taught proper axe throwing technique by a certified  BigFoot Axe Throwing Coach during the first week of leagues. Any late addition or substitute players will go through similar coaching when first arriving.

        2.) A player may choose to use a 1 handed throw or a 2 handed throw. All throws must follow the proper technique demonstrated by the BigFoot Axe Throwing Coach.

        3.) The axe must make approximately 1 rotation in order for it to count.

   K.) Axe Throwing Distance

        1.) Players will throw from the marked area, 12‐15 feet away from the targets.

        2.) Players must have their lead foot in the marked area when throwing the axe.

                a.) The back foot may be outside the area.


   A.) Rainouts/Snowouts

        1.) One week is built into to the end of each season.

        2.) If more than one rainout/snowout occurs BigFoot Axe Throwing will try to find another week if possible but is not guaranteed.

        3.) Should inclement weather or other factors limit normal scheduled game duration and more than half the game has been played, the game shall count as the full game.

   B.) Forfeits

        1.) Teams have until 10 minutes past the designated start time to present the minimum player requirement

                a.) If a team doesn’t show in time, a win will be recorded to the present team with a score of 4 to 0.

        2.) If both teams agree to play without the minimum or more than maximum required, BigFoot Axe Throwing Official must be made aware.

        3.) BigFoot Axe Throwing Officials will make every effort to complete a forfeited game with a mixed set of remaining players.

        4.) If your team is going to forfeit a game, email us to help us schedule your opponent a game. Your team will still receive the loss and a forfeit.

                a.) First Offense ‐ Loss of game and warning issued

                b.) Second Offense ‐ Loss of game and  BigFoot Axe Throwing reserves the right to remove team from playoff c.) Final offense is loss of game and removal from the league with no refund

IV. TOURNAMENA.) Structure

        1.) The end of season tournament is the last week of the league. Each team is seeded based on their season record and will play the appropriate seed. Example: 1 vs 8, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5, 2 vs 7, etc.

        2.) Games are played as described aboveB.) Players

        1.) Rosters will be checked at the beginning of games and teams cannot have more than 30% subs on their roster.a.) Sports with 2 people are excluded and can only have 1 sub.

        2.) Players are only allowed to play on one team during the tournament unless they payed to play on two teams during the regular season, then they may play on both teams during the tournament.

                a.) If your teams play each other, you must choose which team you want to play on for that game.

        3.) If a team is short a player and has a sub, this must be approved by BigFoot Axe Throwing  prior to the start of the tournament.

                a.) If a team asks a player from another team to sub, it must be approved by BigFoot Axe Throwing .


League FAQ's

Trucco semipermanente e Microblading

Fare il trucco semipermanente è doloroso?

La percezione del dolore varia da individuo ad individuo. Il trattamento non è indolore ma risulta essere meno fastidioso di un comune tatuaggio.

Che durata ha il trucco semipermanente?

La durata del trattamento varia in base alla zona trattata, alla tipologia di pelle e soprattutto all'attenzione che si riserva alla cura post trattamento. La tempo medio prima che si rendi necessario un ritocco è di circa 18 mesi.

Che differenza c'è tra microblading e Trucco semipermanente per le sopracciglia?

Si tratta sempre di dermopigmentazione, la differenza sta nella procedura e nel risultato finale. Il trucco semipermanente viene realizzato meccanicamente tramite il dermografo, il microblading invece tramite una tecnica manuale con l'utilizzo di un piccolissimo bisturi composto da piccoli aghi. Con il microblading, che risulta essere meno doloroso e fastidioso, si riesce inoltre ad ottenere un risultato più realistico e naturale del disegno del pelo.

Che differenza c'è tra tatuaggio e trucco semipermanente?

Le differenze sostanziali sono innanzitutto la profondità in cui l'operatore va a depositare il pigmaneto, le caratteristiche chimiche dei pigmaneti, le attrezzature e la durata. Il trucco semipermanente è realizzato con pigmenti bioassorbibili dalla pelle che vengono depositati nello strato tra epidermide e derma tramite un dermografo e ha una durata definita dalla capacità della pelle di assorbire gli stessi pigmenti.

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